Cotswold Lambs 2015

Snoozing in the afternoon sun
Snoozing in the afternoon sun

With just four Cotswold ewes still to lamb the last few weeks have been pretty busy. Lambing is always a time of late nights and little sleep. There are always life and death dramas and every year some new challenge arises. This year has been no exception.

Mum makes the best bed!
‘Mum makes the best bed!’

But when it all goes well it is just the best time in the world at Queenford. Seeing a well-fed contented lamb curled up beside its mother is so satisfying. Seeing healthy lambs racing and leaping round the field is fantastic and makes those late nights all worthwhile.

The bond between a ewe and her lambs is incredibly strong and each year I find myself amazed by it afresh. That is not to say that there aren’t some scatty ewes out there who seem to forget they have ever had a lamb – but in Cotswolds that is rare! They are generally excellent milky mums which keep their lambs safe!

'I'm the king of the castle!!'
‘I’m the king of the castle!!’


I thought any visitors to this site might like to see a few photos of this year’s new arrivals….

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