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Welcome to my website. I very much hope you enjoy your visit.

While you are here,  you might like to read my Blog about a writer’s life lived amongst a menagerie of animals – from the cat who walks alone (except it won’t walk anywhere if it’s raining – so it hasn’t been out much recently) to my flock of rare breed sheep, from a colourful collection of chickens to an extremely vocal collection of dogs.

You might be curious about the Egyptian theme of the website? I have come to realise there is an Egyptian thread that runs through much of my work, so having an Egyptian feel to the site seemed appropriate. But why Egypt? Maybe it’s in my genes?

My connection with Egypt appears to originate with Admiral Robert Mitford, my great great great-grandfather. He was in Egypt sometime around 1811 and fell passionately in love with all things Egyptian. He was an extraordinary man in many ways – but I won’t go into that here – but he certainly passed this passion for Egypt on to his daughter, Margaret and her growing family, the Tyssen-Amhersts of Didlington Hall.

Not only did the Tyssen-Amhersts become renowned collectors of Egyptian artefacts, but they sponsored excavations and my great grandmother even ran her own excavations at Aswan. It was at Didlington Hall that the young Howard Carter took his first steps to Egypt as he spent time amongst their large collection of Egyptian artefacts.

7 Sekhmets outside the Museum at Didlington Hall
7 Sekhmets outside the Museum at Didlington Hall

It is therefore not surprising perhaps, that Egypt has provided the inspiration for Nile Cat, a novel for Young Adults, which was published on 28th October 2020.

Egypt also also features in my current project, a biography of the Tyssen-Amherst and Mitford families to see how I’m getting on, do keep an eye on my Blog.