Young Adult Fiction


Nile Cat is a novel for Young Adult readers of 12-14 yrs. It is set in Egypt in both Victorian and ancient times.

It’s 1871 and Queen Victoria is on the throne when fourteen-year-old twin Rose Evering and her twin sister, Lily board the SS Australia set sail with their parents for Egypt. Rose has been longing to go to Egypt for as long as she can remember. Now she’s on her way to the greatest adventure of her life.

From the moment Rose meets Mr Baxter on board the SS Australia, she feels increasingly uneasy. Why is he following them? What does he want? She knows little about him except he’s dangerous.  When she’s given a small stone cat her dreams are filled by the unfolding story of Miut, an ancient cat of the Temple of Osiris and Hori, the boy who looks after her.

Now she and Lily must fulfil an ancient quest which takes them through the streets of Cairo, up the Great Pyramid of Giza, and deep under the ancient Step Pyramid of Sakkara. If they fail, Rose is certain of just one thing – the price of that failure will be death.