The International Rubery Book Award Shortlist 2021

Yesterday I was checking my email and found one from the International Rubery Book Awards concerning the shortlist for 2021 Awards. This was not likely to be particularly interesting and I was about to delete it, when I decided instead to have click glance through the list first. I nearly dropped my phone when I saw Nile Cat was on the shortlist.

Since publishing Nile Cat, my YA Historical Thriller in October 2020, I have spent some time considering how to market the book in a year when everyone who has ever thought about writing a book, has had time to sit down and write, or finish, that book. I decided I would enter some Book Awards ‘just for fun’. For the Indie (self-published) author options are more limited than for traditionally published authors and there are a large number of ‘Book Awards’ out there with high fees for entering, dubious judging procedures, and little credibility in the industry – so I knew I had to do my homework. After some assistance from the wonderful Alliance of Independent Authors’s website – I chose a few of the most reputable awards – and the Rubery was one of the most highly thought of… I never for an instant thought I would reach any shortlist!

But I have – and that’s brilliant. Whilst I love and value the encouragement and support of my friends and family, it is hard to be confident that they really are being honest with you. To know that Nile Cat has been enjoyed by the judges who know nothing about me, is wonderful, and a real confidence booster. So whatever happens with the rest of the judging is fine by me – I have no excuse – I am settling back down into the World of the Nile Cat and starting on the sequel….

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