The HNS North America Conference 2021

Angela at Biltmore House – enjoying the opportunity to undertake family research.

All visitors to this website and this blog are always welcome – but there is a particular welcome to those who have come via the HNSNA Conference website. I have only recently joined the Historical Novel Society so this is the first conference I have attended – I have been greatly looking forward to it.

Covid 19 has caused mayhem and tragedy around the world, and there is little doubt that the world we move into post Covid will be different to the one we left. Not all changes will be for the worse however, and maybe the HNS Conference is one example of this.

In the world before Covid, I would not have been able to justify travelling from the UK to San Antonio, however much I wanted to make the trip. The fact that I can attend the conference digitally from my home in the UK is a huge bonus.

For anyone who reads and enjoys historical novels but who hasn’t heard of the HNS – you have been missing out! For anyone who writes historical novels who hasn’t heard of the HNS – you have really been missing out! To find out more – please do visit their website!

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