The Admiral & the Egyptian Notebook

'The Sphinx taken on the spot, 1811' It is very strange how things suddenly slot into place when you are undertaking research. Ever since I began this project I have known that the Admiral must have spent time in Egypt while he was Captain of HMS Espoir. I have  his ship’s log which has just one entry written in Alexandria. And research has thrown up no official connection to Egypt. Yet family history has told me he became good friends with Muhammad Ali, Khedive of Egypt and undertook the job of supervising the building of the Egyptian navy’s first corvette in or around 1810/11. Indeed the Khedive was supposed to have been so pleased with Captain Mitford that he rewarded him by giving him ‘Cleopatra’s needle’ (I think he gave it to many people, safe in the knowledge that none of them would actually be able to take it away!) It was however eventually removed, of course (not by the Admiral!) and ‘our’ needle now stands on the Embankment in London!

But today proof arrived miraculously through the post, along with some other papers. It is just a tiny notebook, but you can imagine how thrilled I was to see this image which shows quite clearly that the Admiral was in Egypt at just the right time!!

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  1. My great grandfather James Carter 1839-1921 of Foulden held tenancies of Didlington Estate Farms, eg Everetts Farm and Horrex Farm and maybe others. To help my research into my Norfolk ancestry, I would be very interested to know the names of the Carters who were working on the Estate shown on the document given to William Amherst, which was found by a member of the public in a Suffolk attic, which you mention in your blog. Thank you very much.

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